How to Increase the Life of Your Appliances

It is a true face that the median life time of our home appliances is only around ten years. However, everyone cannot afford to replace their appliances from time to time when at the same time people cannot manage their day to day tasks without their appliances in use. In order to sort out this important issue that is found in every home, we need to try increasing the life of our home appliances. So, how to do this?

The following article will let you know the ways by which the life of our home appliances can be increased.

Some Generalized Tips for Increasing the Life of Appliances:

There are some general ways that would apply to almost all the appliances. If your appliance is working on batteries, then, replacing the batteries every two years or so would be much beneficial. In order to get reminded of this replacement task, you can choose any particular festival or event to do so. In case of electrical appliances, unplugging after use would generally increase their lifespan.
Life of Your AppliancesAnd, for each and every appliance, the user’s manual has to be followed strictly during the usage. If you are not following the manual, then, it means that you are actually decreasing the lifespan of the particular appliance.When you are about to clean any home appliance, you must allow them to cool before starting off with the cleaning process.

Specific Tips for Your Home Appliances:

After having known the general tips to increase the life of home appliances, I would recommend you to read the specific tips that pertain to that particular appliance here.

  1. How to Handle Your Dishwasher?

In the dishwashers, the important part to be taken care will be the gasket. If the gasket has some default, it would prevent your appliance from working effectively. In order to avoid the problems in the gasket, you must have a check on dirt and cracks over it. I would advise you to clean the gasket with soap solution from time to time.

  1. Now Your Refrigerator:

In the refrigerator too, the gasket plays an important role in keeping the cool air inside and thus conserving energy. In order to maintain the gasket in good condition for longer duration, you must clean by wiping off all the residues settled over it and coating it with a thin layer of Vaseline.Another part that needs careful attention in every refrigerator is the coil. The dirt on the coils would limit the airflow through the refrigerator. This would make your appliance to get overheated and to die. To avoid this happen, you must clean the coils from regularly.

  1. What About Your Washing Machine?

In any washing machine, there are two important things to remember when you want to increase the lifespan of it. You must not overload or under-load it at anytime. This is because; overloading would cause your clothes to get stuck and your machine would start using more and more energy to make them move. On the other hand, under-loading would start putting a strain on the machine’s components. Thus, just loading the machine with the appropriate amount of clothes would make your washing machine to run longer. Is that not simple?

  1. Is Maintaining Your Oven Difficult?

The answer for this question is quite simple. Maintaining your oven and making it last longer is not difficult at all when you own a self-cleaning oven. The only thing you should do is to choose such a self-cleaning oven during your purchase. And, in these ovens, you must try any other way of cleaning. Just self-cleaning is more than sufficient to increase the life span of it.
maintaining your oven

  1. What You Should Do With Your Freezers?

For maintaining your freezer in good condition, you must do the defrosting at least once in a year even it may seem that it does not require to be defrosted. Also, you must carry out the defrosting process whenever the frost is about to develop to half an inch in thickness. If you cannot remove the frost by just defrosting, you can make use of plastic scrappers that are available in supermarkets. Remember that, using a sharp device such as knife would turn dangerous for your machine.

  1. What is the Best Way to Maintain Your AC?

Increasing the lifespan of your air conditioner will be easier if you get it serviced every year. I would also advise you to check on the filters regularly and replace them as and when required. Another important thing to be remembered with your air conditioner is that you must not plug it into an extension cord. Have new plug-ins installed if you don’t have any suitable switch boards at the place where you are getting your air conditioners fixed.

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