Essential Oils for Treating Bug Bites

Insect bites and mosquito bites that do not call for too much medical attention can be treated with essential oils. You only need to use a cotton ball to dab it onto the skin’s itchiness. If there is swelling and inflammation, apply chamomile and lavender oil to stop the itching and other allergic reactions. You can buy bentonite clay poultices from any natural food store because it can really help with stings and bites that are more severe. When the clay becomes dry, it is able to pull toxins towards the surface of the skin to stop them from infiltrating a bigger area of your skin. You can add essential oil to the clay to contain it so you can use it in time of emergency. In case of allergic reaction or if the situation worsens, consult a doctor. There are diffusers for essential oils that you can buy to ward of mosquitoes.

Use lavender oil

Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing effects that can help relieve bug bites. Aside from that, lavender is flexible because it has the ability to keep bugs and mosquitoes away when its scent is present in the air. Diluting a few drops of lavender with carrier oil can be directly applied to the bite.

Eucalyptus oil is one of them

Eucalyptus has a few uses that you can benefit from because it has more than one species of this plant. The use of eucalyptus oil originated from the Aborigines living in Australia who began to use this oil for soothing small skin issues like scrapes, bug bites, and cuts. When looking for eucalyptus oil, make sure that you are buying one that is of therapeutic grade for the results that you want. This essential oil can also be used for keeping away a number of pests that come from outdoors to stop them from biting you.

Essential oil extracted from Tea Tree

This type of oil is popular because it is able to promote healthy skin and better immune system. There are a number of species of tea tree, but the ones that work best for battling skin issues are found in different places across the world including Australia, Guatemala, France, Some parts of the United States and China. To get the most out of this essential oil, use the untainted of it so that the effects will be benefit you in a lot of ways. You will also not experience any negative effects if the essential oil is pure. When the oil has been altered, it could only mean that there are chemicals that have been added that can worsen the situation rather than making it better.

Essential oil from Thyme

This is a very antiseptic essential oil that is needed for calming bug bites and keep them from causing infection. It contains thymol which is a chemical that is responsible for its antiseptic effects that helps in soothing bug bites and stings. For a stronger soothing effect, you can combine this with eucalyptus oil.

Rosemary essential oil

This essential oil has several uses and one of them is to help you recover from bug bites. It is also good to use this over summer because of its ability to repel bugs that are present during this time, most especially mosquitoes. Rosemary essential oil can be mixed with lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oil to give a positive effect to bug bites that are very severe and intense to stop it from becoming more itchy and irritated. Make sure that before applying it to the skin, dilute this oil properly to stop skin irritation.

Basil essential oil

Basil is a famous herb because of its taste and it is also a versatile essential oil. The scent it gives off is very strong and a lot of people use it for relaxing tight muscles so you will feel less pain. Even if you look back at history, people have turned to this oil if they are experiencing digestive and respiratory problems. Nowadays, people have discovered that the direct application of this oil to bug bites or stings that help in making irritating symptoms disappear. Make sure that before applying it to your skin, you are going to dilute it properly using a carrier oil. The best carrier oil for basil essential oil is olive oil. Too much potency can cause the effect to backfire and lead to other problems.

These are the essential oils that you can use for treating bug bites. You don’t always have to spend a lot for relieving your skin. Bug bites and bee stings cause a lot of irritation on skin and if they are not treated right away, they will continue to itch. This can be both uncomfortable and annoying if neglected.

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