6 Features to Look Out for When Buying an Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is an art of decorating fabrics and articles. It can be made using hand or sewing machine using embroidery thread. The purpose of an embroidery machine is to make patterns on fabric. It can be used for both commercial and personal reasons. Nowadays most consumers value machine-made embroidery. In this type of embroidery, the machine does most of the work but a human is required to key in the instructions and designs. The best embroidery machine should have the following features:


Easy to Use

You want a high-end user friendly machine that delivers superior services. It should be user friendly even for beginners. It should be used to make a variety of designs with ease, using various adjustments on the machine parts.

Electrically Controlled and Automatic

Electrically Controlled and Automatic

In this modern era, the best embroidery machines are computerised. This lowers the level of skill required to make a variety of complex designs. It should make any desired design very efficiently, offer autopilot options and automated thread tension. This is also a plus on speed.

Should be Easy to Service

Should the machine break down, you do not need to use a lot of money importing spare parts. This may consequently cripple your business in case it used for commercial purposes. Acquire a machine which can be serviced locally via a local dealer and this should be budget-friendly.


Do not just go to the local dealer and make a myopic guess on any embroidery machine. First, get a good background of the machine. This is mainly through research. You can even ask for advice from a willing dealer. Reference to the instructional manual is also a good place to start. Then purchase a machine that will guarantee you the best services without any complications.

Enough Sewing Space

You should take home a machine that would accommodate both large and small scale projects. Look for a machine with a large sewing area which is in proportion with the needle.

Stitch Quality

Stitch Quality

Go for a machine that will make the stitches look like they were crafted professionally. Give it a test run and see whether the machine will sew the fabric on its own and deliver perfect stitches.

There are three types of categories of embroidery machines;

  • Those with built-in designs only.
  • Those with built-in designs and allow connectivity to the internet to download more designs.
  • Those with built-in designs and USB ports to allow transfer of other designs.

You should get a machine that will not limit the scope of your creativity. Make sure it has an option of transferring, downloading or modifying files. Yes it maybe expensive, but the end results will be amazing and it will give you value for your money.

In conclusion, do not just buy any embroidery machine, have a clear orientation of the services you require. The features above are a perfect creation of the best embroidery machine. They will give you guidelines of a high-end machine and the results of your work will be completely to your satisfaction and that of your clients, if any.

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