What You Should Know about a Belly Band Holster?

Most shooters discover that it is necessary to own many kinds of firearm holsters. This is because you may require a different type of holster in each different scenario. These holsters come in different materials, shapes and sizes. Basically, holsters have three major categories; concealment holsters, duty holsters and sporting type holsters. A belly band holster is a wide and elastic material mainly with more than one pocket that is connected by Velcro clips. These pockets are used to often hold spare magazines, flashlights and even cell phones.

The belly band holster is the most comfortable and flexible method of firearm concealment. Not only is it a viable means to carry your gun, this holster can be used in almost any situation. However, this kind of a holster is mainly used for concealment purposes. Below I will highlight a diverse number of uses in relation to concealed carry;

  • It can be used by runners because it tends to hold the gun tightly despite the jostling of a run.
  • It keeps your gun hidden even if you are wearing just a tee shirt.
  • It can be used when engaging in very involving activities like hiking, biking or diving.
  • It can be used when you dress up for the office.

A high quality belly band holster is not an easy commodity to come by. It is a niche market for people who engage in this style as a routine or hobby. To exempt you from the hard work of finding a high-end belly band holster, four descriptions of the best ones are listed below;

The Original Belly Band

Know about a Belly Band Holster

This is one of the most flexible belly band holsters. It is made of thin elastic. It can be used by both left and right handed shooters. It has two pockets, one for a semi-auto and the other one for a revolver. It also has two other slots, one for spare magazines and the other for stacking important items like cash and credit cards.

Reports show that it is ideal for small and medium size firearms, for instance M&P Shields and Glock 19.  The Velcro closures at the back are large and they grip tightly. It is highly concealable and very secure.

Desantis Belly Band Holster

Desantis Belly Band Holster

It is a black elastic band with many pockets; for a gun, spare magazine and extra items. It can also accommodate a pocket knife. It is made from very thick high quality elastic material so it cannot easily tear. It is made specifically for small guns like SIG P238.

Bulldog Medium Deluxe Wrap Holster

Bulldog Medium Deluxe Wrap Holster

It has two pockets for guns, two for spare magazines and a hidden pocket for other important requirements. This is an all-in-one holster because you can carry many items at once. It is wider than others and so it can comfortably accommodate larger firearms. The major advantage of this holster is that it can be worn in different ways; either high waist or low waist. Hence, it can facilitate side draws, cross draws and even appendix draws. This holster can comfortably conceal a sub-compact SIG.

Belly Band with 2 Mag Pouches

Belly Band with 2 Mag Pouches

This holster provides a rare feature. It is a double magazine carrier. It accommodates a standard firearm with ease. Its Velcro closure is adjustable. It is an excellent concealer. It is perfect for a Springfield XDS.

Finally, if you are looking for the best belly band holster that suits your needs, carefully analyse the ones listed above. Most important, remember to ask yourself, what reason you need it for. Then use that as a stepping stone to finding your perfect holster.

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